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We pushed off from Pt. Sal at dawn in a cool mist - it's a small and uninhabited point north of Vandenberg AFB that we shared with a colony of sea lions for the evening. On the way out we saw a number of them and a harbor porpoise, then several groups of humpback whales. This included the mother and calf pair in the pictures below that were both repeatedly breaching in turns while the mother was slapping her pectoral fins on the surface. [Note: these pictures like any others of animals taken for SOCAL-11 and posted here were obtained...

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were obtained and are displayed according to the conditions of NMFS permit #14534.]


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Minä vain juoksin koko sivuston ja on Silmäillessäni sisään Ajattelin lähteä ensimmäiseksi totean. En ymmärrä, mitä ilmaista puhumattakaan että olen reveled Silmäillessäni. Erinomainen sivusto, jatkan vierailet näillä verkkosivuilla melko usein.

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