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House Science and Technology Subcommittee on Energy and Environment will hold

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The noise has led to changes in foraging, calling and migration patterns among many species of buy runescape gold:http://www.gamegoldfast.com/runescape/buy-runescape-gold.php and dolphins.

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Research leaders, Polytechnic University of Catalonia Barcelona ocean acoustician Andrea Mitchell said the study findings suggest that ocean noise pollution on marine animals, the degree of influence than previously expected. He said in a statement: "We know that ocean noise pollution will seriously affect the dolphins and whales, they use natural sonar to navigate and hunt. The study found that noise pollution is also the first to suffer invertebrates . invertebrate is a larger marine animal populations, had not found their voices are also closely related to survival. "

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Marine biologists, turned the pull thought, exploration ship of the sounds made full of animals and pollution adversary to the survival of other sea animals, but the adverse effects a speculation have not been substantiated. The Spanish Marine research institute of biologists say: "by the study, we found the evidence, the low frequency sound waves can give cephalopods cause damage." The ancient pull and was not involved with the new study, research papers will appear in the ecology and environment is "magazine.

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The national oceanic and atmospheric administration Marine zoologist Michael WeiJi Mr Is still not sure said in the specific cause of death. Obama WeiJi within and was not involved with the new research. He said: "although new study found enough evidence, that giant squid, the cause of death, but still needs more research to determine, from human activities noise pollution is leading to sea animals. The new study is universally damage found evidence that the giant squid, pull to the cause of death that may be true."

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If man can make the problems, they can be the solution to this.

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Humans benefit from nature. However, we must have a give and take relationship with it to avoid future problems.

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Good work continue, humanity need this information....

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