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Speaking of "The changing Arctic" and just slightly off topic, I read a book a few months back titled "Antarctic Destinies: Scott, Shackleton, and the Changing Face of Heroism" I don't consider this a book for the novice. One needs a reasonable understanding of Antarctic exploration and history to appreciate the finer points encountered.
There is a bias towards Scott in her comparisons, but the author makes her position clear from the outset;in fact her reason for writing the account.
I am full of admiration for her exhaustive research on the achievements of the two explorers and their life and times. I have found the account a wonderful addition to my Antarctic Library and it is already being used as a source of reference to other work.
There some factual errors in the text and in one photo along with some typographical errors, which are disappointing in such an authoritative review, but do not detract from the substance of the theme.
I have pleasure in recommending this work. I believe all 'Antarcticans' would enjoy this account which offers a catalyst to 'polarise' ones views on the destinies of these two explorers.

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and transmitting information and meaning between the two has been an ongoing learning experience

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Marine engineering was one of my dream to study after 12th but i didn't get the proper scope during my time. This blog reminds me of the old days when I used to do a lot of research to study in marine department. Any ways I will full fill my dream with my son.

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Any ways I will full fill my dream with my son.

Tim Wilson

Absolutely, Marine studies are so rewarding. I would love to dedicate more time to it.

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